Omega Car Rental


CoverageOMEGA CAR RENTAL offers liability insurance under the statutory limits, which are set out in the lease.

Liability and property damageIs included in the coverage of liability and damages to third parties (persons or things) the total coverage of limit is 3 million pesos, plus full coverage of the vehicle total loss by fire or theft and/or larceny.

Full Coverage for Damage

Protection against accidents

Public liability and property damage Is included in the coverage of public liability and property damage coverage on a maximum of 3 million pesos, as well as complete coverage for total loss of the vehicle by fire or theft and/or larceny.

Theft and/or Larceny Protection (partial or total) This coverage is included in the price, respecting to the values of the category of vehicle.

Coverage and exemptions The fee includes liability insurance coverage with an insurance excess or deductible which may vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Categories Franchise for
Theft / Larceny
(Partial or Total) up to
Franchise for Overturn
Standard $7.000 $18.000
Standard Plus $7.000 $18.000
Sedan Classic $10.000 $25.000
Sedan Full/Aut $10.000 $25.000
Family $10.000 $25.000
Adventure $20.000 $25.000
Executive $30.000 $40.000
VIP $30.000 $50.000
VIP Tiptronic $30.000 $50.000
Premium $30.000 $50.000
Luxury $50.000 $100.000
Sport Premium $30.000 $50.000
Sport Luxury $50.000 $100.000
Mini Van Eco $30.000 $50.000
Minivan $30.000 $50.000

The insurance coverage policies are subject to global change, and, therefore, we ask our customers to check their values at the time of renting the unit.